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Our Services

Concept Development

Upon your confirmation, a site survey is conducted. A design meeting is held at studio to understand requirements in depth. It starts with an initial discussion focusing on needs, scope and aspiration, budget, and an explanation about our services. Also visual references will be shared to understand your inclination and fondness to various colors and themes.

We will give a rough quotation based on client requirements and floor plan.


Design phase will be for a period of 2 or 3 weeks during which there will be multiple sittings with client. Layout, 3D & 2D Designs will be shared. Basic Material selection(Laminate, Veneers etc ) and Color selection will be done during this phase using the various catalog available in office. Final Quotation will be shared at end of the design phase.


The team will take the responsibility for procurement of all materials. The progress of project will be monitored and managed on site with focus on completing project on committed time. Any issue arising in the course of project will be resolved on time in order to maintain quality and budget.