InDesign Story | Why you should hire an Interior Designer?
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Why you should hire an Interior Designer?

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Why you should hire an Interior Designer?

My thoughts based on my experience as interior designer and feedback from clients.

Everyone dreams to live in a home that brings happiness and comfort. A perfect home should be a space that reflects your personality. It should not only be functional but beautiful which adds coziness to your everyday life.

Unfortunately many people are confused whether to go ahead with just a local carpenter or a professional Interior designer. Scope of interior designing involves space planning, carpentry, movable furniture, soft furnishings, painting, lighting, electrical, plumbing, tile work, home decor, etc . A creative Interior Designer can make your space lively.

Carpentry like wardrobes, dressers, kitchen cabinets, TV units etc forms only 40-50% of the interior work. All other work should sync with each other to make your space a dream home. Here are the top benefits of hiring a professional interior designer.

1.Space planning:

A creative designer can explore your space and plan your space effectively to accommodate all your requirements at right proportion. It can make your space more functional.

  1. Choosing right material for Carpentry:

A professional designer will help you to choose right material that suits your needs and climate. Choosing right material for house will make the design more durable as well as beautiful.

  1. Minute detailing:

A creative designer will be able to focus on minute detailing to bring a unique curated and unforgettable design. Minute detailing on furniture, fabrics and decor can bring a whole new look to the interior.

  1. Colour selection:

Selecting right colour for your space is not an easy task . Choosing a wrong colour can make the whole design a disaster. A creative designer can help you with right colours for your space that will boost the positive vibes.

  1. Better resources and contacts:

Since designers are already working in the world of home improvement, they can easily help you to find electricians, painters, furniture makers, decor stores etc. This can help to make your home more unique.

  1. Following the latest trend:

Who doesn’t love a home that is trendy and modern. A designer will help you with latest designs. They can suggest you the latest trends in colors, fabrics, lighting, furniture etc.

  1. Cost effective and time-saving:

A designer can help you in avoiding costly mistakes and can help you with the designs based on your budget. You can get a unique design which will be value for money.

A professional designer will be more organised, can anticipate obstacles and can plan the work accordingly which in turn will be saving your time.

At InDesign Story, we take care of all the aspects of interior design and provide end to end services. If you want to make your space a Great one, if you want a unique, beautiful and cohesive home, feel free to visit our Facebook page.