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Client Reviews of Interior Design Projects

Ahad Euphoria 3BHK apartment, Client -Harshini Garikiparthi

We have done our interiors from Indesign Story. We did around 3 months of search on interior designers in Bangalore, all the famous ones had very monotonous designs or had very bad customer experience.
But Indesign was a great choice that we ever made, Krishna and Swathy took over it in a very great way. They consider every detail and try to understand your taste and preference. The design to execution was very smooth. The choices and colours are very contemporary and very classic. It is very difficult to find a designer who puts so much of interest to understand your taste and preference, we often fall into a trap and get influenced. But this was really a customer-centric drive. We wanted a minimal space saving, classy and easy to maintain interiors and the output was exactly the same. They understand your usage of things , like in kitchen and would suggest various options for you to select from. From curtains to Furniture they would assist in selecting the proper color that just fits in. The unique thing about them is they seek for perfection in everything be it carpentry , electrical work , wall paints and furniture etc. And most importantly they would make it well before the deadline and on time. It was a great experience working with them we owe it to them in making our house ‘A Home’.

SNN Raj Etternia 3BHK, Client : Yaswanth P S L

We have done our 3BHK flat interiors from InDesign Story. Starting from initial 3D designs to final implementation, we are quite happy with the outcome.
Apart from typical interior work, they helped us to choose interior decors like curtains, sofa, wall decors, wallpapers which suits our interior design.
Thank you Krishna and Swathy for helping us out to build a beautiful home

Prestige Ferns Residency 2BHK apartment- Client :Debalina Dasgupta

If you’re looking for an interior designing team that can design, co-ordinate, hand-pick and install every single item for your humble abode at a reasonable expense, Indesign Story Interiors LLC is your answer. As an out-of-station owner, I searched extensively online for someone who could provide a hassle-free and quality interior decorating work at an affordable cost, without regular chaperoning, complete it on a schedule while being savvy on electronic media so that we could contact each other whenever required during the project duration. Indesign Story was the only one who fit the bill perfectly.
Indesign Story does not advertise heavily on social media, and there is a good reason for it. This duo team is BUSY working, they are willing to take on challenges and work for them. From the day I found their post on FB, I literally looked at every single picture they had posted on their work and contacted them on FB. Within a couple of hours, I received a message back and we exchanged phone numbers and from there on, Krishna and Swathy basically did the rest. Krishna took copious notes, asked for colors, functionalities and design styles that I like and then provided several iterations of proposed interior work until I was satisfied. My taste for decorating in this particular apartment needed someone who could have a minimalistic, clean yet functional and modern vision, without elaborate outdated carpentry and dark colors, and something that could be easily coordinated with different wall colors and be dressed up or down later on if needed. Krishna listened closely, made valuable suggestions and walked me through a 2+ hour PPT presentation, slide by slide, discussing pros and cons of every single item that she had designed per my request and finally delivered exactly what I had envisioned. I can honestly say that there will not be any other designer high-end or otherwise, that will devote so much time and effort to be this customer centric team that Indesign is. Since I am not on the same time zone as hers, all the late night texts ( thousands by now) and email conversations need special mention.
Indesign Story took care of every single detail with respect to interior work in the apartment. Starting from contacting a technician for changing the unsightly gas line, acquiring a granite slab for additional counter space at reduced cost from another flat owner, coordinating for all kitchen accessories and being there for installation, selecting and completing wall painting, selecting light fixtures while communicating real time with me overseas on a messaging service so that I could see as well to even paying electricity bills on behalf of us because I didn’t know how to. They even co-ordinated professional cleaning before a tenant moved in. This list is hardly exhaustive, but for the sake of brevity I’ll have to leave it there just to give an idea on how hands-on they are. One text message will take care of pretty much anything you think of.
These guys stand to give a tough competition for all the big-names in the business. They’re honest, transparent, professional and extremely prompt. I highly recommend them for out-of-country owners of residences, from experience I can assure that you will not find a more trustworthy option that completes projects on time as Indesign Story.